"Game development for the rest of us"

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Ginjo-Builder is a programming language and development environment designed to make game development fast, less frustrating and fun. The goal of the Ginjo language and environment is to allow people without the knowledge of languages such as c++ or without professional game programming education to write full featured games. It aims to be as easy to learn and use as javascript.

The integrated debugger allows you to see the program running command by command and find where problems are. The editor's features such as IntelliDoc and real-time code hints allow you to code faster, and provide real-time documentation. The development environment has the ability to host extensions and these will allow for ever easier development in the future. The following demonstration video creates a flying drone with a

Currently the software is alpha, but is under active development. The 1.0 release will allow for creating standalone programs ('exe' files) that you can distribute. However, only running code inside the editor's debugger is currently supported.

Software License: The debug mode only version of the software is freeware. The Pro version of the software that generates standalone executables will be under a commercial license.